A design update of our desktop app is on its way

At DinnerBooking we are always trying to optimize our products and a design update of our desktop app is now on its way. It contains more user-friendly navigation and has also been subject to a visual overhaul.

As a part of a major design update across all platforms, we will launch an update of the desktop app within the next few days, which includes different changes in the design. There is also a handful of optimizations in functions which can be seen below.



As the picture above shows, the desktop app has been through a visual make-over, which simplifies and streamlines the layout and makes it more in line with the upcoming updates on iOS, web and the already existing design for our Android tablet app. The new and more user-friendly platform has fewer buttons to choose between. For example the six buttons for the booking status is now in the same menu.

New features

There are also a few new features added:

– You are now able to close specific time intervals directly in the application, as well as adding a ‘special day’ message for any given day.
To close for a specific period of time, drag the time indicators appearing when you click on the red arrow with an ‘X’ in it. I
t’s easy to see which period is closed as indicated by the red line and next to the exclamation mark in the main window.
Note, that if you only want to write a ‘special day’ message for the day, you have to ‘close’ the online booking for a minimum of 15 minutes, for example 6.00-06.15.

-New layout of some of the existing reports.

-The VIP form is now called ‘guest status’. Here you can add ‘VIP’, ‘friend of house’, ‘staff’, etc. In time we will add more possibilities for guest descriptions.

-Updated and improved statistic options (only available for users with Business- or Enterprise subscriptions). 

Note that you should actively update your app to get the new design.
If you have any questions regarding the new design, please feel free to contact our support on:

Telephone number + 45 32 55 50 48, email: support@dinnerbooking.com

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